In Defense of Desire:
Business Arguments

Two Days



Two days snowbound, hoisting my flags.
How can I keep on working?

Chain smoke? – Already I forget how lousy I felt until I got the very good inhaler. . Now I’ve lost weight, and my lungs feel better, do I think I can smoke till I pant like I did before? Eat till I weigh what I did before? I can’t foresee how this one act, this cigarette I light, means I’ll die early. The way sensation floods my body is the prize. Where will the next move get me? Does any suit of cards want this card in my hand to complete it? . Should I bid this card or let it lie. I see where all the moves end up. Go to the market, return to the house. Go to the bank, return to the house. Go to the laundry, return to the house. Secure my parking space. Restore the starting order. Return to the house.